Thursday, May 20

Yay for Sporadic Blogging...

Hmm. I don't know how people who blog every day get around to it! I'm much too busy knitting and watching Star Trek :D

At the moment I'm streaming an episode of Voyager, the one after Seven of Nine turns up ('The Gift') because even though Original Series is still my fave (mmm, Spock) I find the Borg absolutely fascinating, and Seven of Nine is hot ;) I've also been reading some very interesting Kirk/Spock fanfic :D

As far as knitting goes, I'm knitting up a stash of beanies with the plan of starting an Etsy shop. The one I'm currently doing is hot pink and black stripes...

My Anti-Consumerism Challenge is going alright. I've bought two new items of clothing so far this year- a t-shirt for me (big fail, it was a Star Trek t-shirt and I really wanted it! It is very cool though, which totally makes up for it :P) and a snuggly pyjama suit for Malachi, which I bought new because I was having no luck at all finding a second hand one in size 4. I've also bought a new pair of shoes for each of us, but I wasn't counting shoes when I wrote the original rules.

I've failed on the takeaway rule, we've had Subway a few times when we've been out late or I've been feeling too crap to cook. I think I'll relax on that rule, and say no more than once every two weeks.

I get fruit and veg at the fruit shop when it's open, but I've given up on the markets for a main source of produce for now. Usually when I need stuff it's not market day and it can be too expensive, and not very reliable as to what'll be there each weekend.

I'm still menu planning, and have come in under budget for groceries each month- Feb was $313.75, March was $335.61, and April was just under at $348.78. This month is looking good :D


Nic said...

If you do start an etsy shop, share the link !

And gosh that grocery budget is awesome. Too ashamed to tell you minhe, its much much more. I really should work on that.

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