Sunday, April 12

Natural Remedy for Impetigo (School Sores)

We've had impetigo in our household in the last little while, and I want to share the natural products we've used to combat it.

DH's daughter, E (6yo) visits in the school holidays. In the last few days of her christmas holiday visit, we noticed what looked like a large pimple on her bum, which had been rubbed by her clothes and was raw. I put a band-aid on it, to try and stop in rubbing any more, which didn't seem to help. Then she went home, and we let her mother know about it. She rang DH a few days later and told him that it was impetigo, and that E was now on antibiotics for it.

Maybe two weeks later, two sores appeared on DH's leg, and a few weeks after that, Malachi started getting them on his chin.

After doing a bit of googling, I decided to try a combination of Goldenseal ointment, olive leaf extract and extra vitamin C.

Twice a day, Malachi had the Goldenseal thickly applied to the sores, and took 5mL of olive leaf extract (which he said was yuck, but took anyway) and 250mg of vitamin C. When we started, there were a few large sores at the scabby stage, and more little ones coming up. Within a week, the scabby ones were unscabbed and shrinking, and the little ones didn't get any bigger. Within two-three weeks, they were just red spots. (We continued with the routine until they were totally gone).

A few weeks later (while Malachi's sores were still at the red spot stage), Zara had some sores appearing on her legs. Because she is smaller, she had two mL of olive leaf extract (and she also takes it fine) and 125mg of vitamin C- a quarter of the tablet- and I took the other quarter to give her more vit C through my milk. Zara's are still at the red spot stage.

Meanwhile, E had a few courses of antibiotics to deal with hers, and they took a lot longer to clear up than Malachi's and Zara's.


Nic said...

Sounds yucky ! Thanks for blogging that, im writing it down for future reference.

Ariad said...

We had school sores here about a month ago. I tried teatree, aloevera gel and a homeopathic remedy...they did get better but it seemed to take a couple of weeks. Thanks for this for future reference.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like those antibiotics really did their job.

Esther John said...

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